World of Heineken Tour in Ho Chi Minh + Saigon Skydeck Tour

World of Heineken Tour in Ho Chi Minh + Saigon Skydeck Tour

I’m not really much of a drinker, but I love good drinks or good beer. Well, I drink occasionally. World of Heineken Tour is part of our Saigon Skydeck Tour in Ho Chi Minh.

We spent our Tri-Country days 3 and 4 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. From Phnom Penh Cambodia, we traveled at about 6-7 hours via bus. It’s our first ever border-crossing bus experience. I wanted to document our experience but unfortunately, taking photos & videos is not allowed; same with airport immigration. Technically, we went to immigration but bus terminal version.

We almost spent a day traveling. It was super tiring but I don’t want to end the day arriving in Ho Chi Minh. I want to do something when we get there. So I scrolled in Klook for an afternoon, short city tour and found Saigon Skydeck with World of Heineken Tour. This is perfect because the tour itself is not really tiring and we can visit Skydeck any time from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

All About Heineken Beer

If you’re into beers, knowing how Heineken beer is created and what makes it different from other beers would be an interesting stock knowledge. This will also encourage you to try Heineken and actually like it.

On our tour, we were welcome by Heineken Ho Chi Minh’s Ambassador and he tours us throughout the floor. He had high energy so that the whole tour would be fun.

Our tour includes 2 free beers, 1 water, and 1 chip. Plus, a customized Heineken bottle with our name on it. What did we do on our tour?

  • Experienced a 4D interactive tour explaining Heineken’s beer creation process.
  • Discovered the secret ingredient of Heineken.
  • Played soccer, car race, and other video games in the game room.
  • The ambassador showed the first few Heineken commercials aired on TV.
  • Taught and experienced how to properly serve Heineken beer + 1 free beer of our making!
  • Partied at the party room where we can claim our freebies.

If I’d do this tour all over again, I’ll definitely book this tour all over again. I became so interested in Heineken beer after the tour.

Saigon Skydeck

After the Heineken tour, we went to the 49th floor for the Skydeck tour. I expected that an ambassador would greet us and tour us around like the Heineken tour, but this one is different. It’s just a tour on the whole 49th floor.

We get to see Ho Chi Minh in a bird’s eye view with beautiful city lights. There are boards explaining a little bit of history about Vietnam’s buildings, displays of Vietnam’s national costume for women with different stylish designs, and a display of their historical bicycle.

A few minutes after, we decided to head to the restaurant to have a fancy dinner with a view of the city. It was very romantic.

This tour is a great welcoming tour as we arrived in Ho Chi Minh. It’s not that tiring and very historical as well. It’s interactive and fun. I didn’t regret booking this and good thing I booked it last minute. Tickets were available at that time.

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