Trying Out Diamond Peel at Skin911 Ma-a Branch

Trying Out Diamond Peel at Skin911 Ma-a Branch

Skincare is life! This is the most well-known beauty tagline or slogan nowadays. Taking care of our skin is probably one of the most important self-care procedures because skin reflects your health.

Skincare is not just using beauty products consistently, it’s also going to derma clinics regularly for better care and treatment of our skin. But sometimes, going to derma clinics are expensive and out-of-the-budget.

Good thing Skin911, a facial and slimming center, offers beauty services that are not heavy to our budget.

Skin911 Facial & Slimming Center

Skin911 is a facial and slimming center that started in Cebu City last 2008 and owned by CEO Eleanor Selerio-Velasco. Today, Skin911 is a nationwide beauty center with over 21 branches in the Philippines.

Mrs. Eleanor aimed to put up beauty center in the Philippines that are budget-friendly and that all women can avail. It’s the most affordable with great service beauty center, perfect for skin and beauty emergencies!

The beauty center is known for its affordable and excellent services for facial, non-surgical beauty procedures, lasers, cosmetic tattoo, and permanent hair removal. Because of the quality services and well-trained staff, the company has received more than 40 awards from different award-giving bodies in the Philippines.

Skin911 Ma-a Branch

Beauty has finally arrived in Ma-a, Davao City as Skin911 has opened another branch in Ma-a, Davao City.

The Skin911 Facial and Slimming Centre opened its newest branch on the second floor of the MMV Building, Ma-a Road, Davao City on October 8, 2019, with the franchisee Janna Graziella Amaga.

This is the third Skin911 Facial and Slimming Branch opened in Davao City after Quirino and Lanang in 2018.

CEO Eleanor Selerio-Velasco & Franchisee Janna Graziella Amaga

“We want the best for Davaoeños. With Skin911 Facial and Slimming Centre, everyone’s skin emergency needs will be taken cared of,”

Janna Graziella Amaga

Mentioned by the CEO, they are planning to put up 10 more branches in Davao City as they expand their beauty center.

Services & Promos

Skin 911 Ma-a offers 50% discount to all its services for the month of October! Another special promo exclusively for Ma-a branch is their Refer 5 Friends, Get 1 Facial service free!

Invite 5 different people to Skin911 Ma-a and get a free Facial service just for you. Make sure your friends mention your name when they reserve for an appointment.

The company is generous when they give promos and discounts. It makes beauty services more affordable to the public. Check out their regular prices below:

The Staff

Anyone who has any kind of degree can actually apply in Skin911. It’s not necessarily a nursing or medical-related courses can only apply. They have an “academy” where they train their staff weeks before opening up a new branch.

Ms. Janna mentioned during the interview that this is a good place for women who need jobs no matter what degree they finished.

How was my Diamond Peel experience?

I’ve tried facial before but not diamond peel, so it’s actually my first time! The staff explained that once I try diamond peel I should complete the 5 sessions, once every week for 5 weeks straight. We can actually see the results if I finish the 5 diamond peel sessions.

I’m afraid to commit because I might miss a week, but for the sake of beauty and skincare, I tried it!


Pink & White are a very girly and relaxing color combination. It’s the companies color brand, and to be honest, I feel so relaxed coming into the clinic. The fragrance of the center helps you relax too.

It is strictly advised that people should contact and reserve an appointment before coming to the center to avoid waiting and overpopulation. Skin911 Ma-a can accommodate 7 clients at a time only, so it’s best if you book an appointment.

Facial and Diamond Peel Service

I personally requested not to prick my pimples because I’m afraid it might trigger my acne again. The staff respected my decision. I felt relaxed to the point I took a nap while waiting for my facial to finish.

The facial takes about 45 minutes while the diamond peel takes 7 minutes. Make sure you spare at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of your time when coming here.

A week after, I went back for my second session and brought my sister with me because I want her to experience this beauty treatment. She shared to me that she allowed her pimples to be pricked, but it’s not painful at all. The staff is actually gentle in pricking them.

Skincare Products

Facial treatments are good steps in taking care of your skin, but maintaining it is the challenge. Skin911 offers affordable skincare products that can maintain the care after the treatment.

On the last procedure of my first facial with diamond peel, they applied their very own sunblock. But in my second session, I finished night time so they put their serum instead of the sunblock.

To know more details, message Skin911 Ma-a Facebook Page and inquire ahead!

I’m only on my second session, and I’ve been seeing improvements. What more when I finish the 5 sessions? I’m excited to see the results!

Visit Skin911 Ma-a Branch on the second floor of the MMV Building, Ma-a Road, Davao City. Available their 50% off on all of their services this October. Plus, bring 5 friends and get 1 facial free!

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