Trueplex Bamboo Miracle Treatment at Pink & Gold

Trueplex Bamboo Miracle Treatment at Pink & Gold

They say that your hair is your crown. You should always be proud of wearing it. It’s fortunate for those who have naturally beautiful and healthy hair. But it’s an expense for those who regularly need hair treatment.

I personally love hairstyles and hair colors. But to be honest, I got scared when I tried our Ash Grey. I know they have to bleach my hair, I expected that it’ll get dry and frizzy. When my Ash Grey faded, I became blond but my hair is still dry.

That’s why I was desperate about trying out hair treatments to revive my soft hair. I thought I lost hope in regaining my soft and smooth hair.

How Pink & Gold Resurrected My Dead Hair

After all those blond months, I realized I don’t look good at blond hair. I look haggard and it’s high maintenance. I had to straighten my hair every time I go to events. That caused my hair to be more dead and damaged than it was. I envy those girls who looked really pretty on blonds.

Pink & Gold brought back my old hair color — Brown. I looked fresh and young again! Brown is the first color I’ve ever tried and I liked how the color’s compatible with me. I was blooming.

Pink & Gold was the very first salon who did everything on my hair — hair color, hair treatment, digiperm, etc. Ever since then, I never tried going to other salons. I’ve been their customer for years! That’s why I trust them.

Truplex Bamboo Miracle Treatment

After the hair color, Pink & Gold’s hairstylist, Junmor, applied Truplex Bamboo Miracle Treatment to resurrect my dead hair. Only Pink & Gold d Truplex Bamboo Miracle treatment, for now, in Davao City.

To my surprise, it met more than my expectations. After the treatment, even days after it, my hair was like the smooth, soft hair I had before bleaching.

Bamboo Miracle Treatment is a set of products used that is similar to Keratin treatment, but much better compared to it. They do three main procedures:

Detox Shampoo. After my hair color, they washed my hair with Trueplex’s Bamboo Miracle Shampoo. I loved the smell of it because it’s not too strong for my nose. While washing and rinsing my hair, they massaged my hair as well. It was really a relaxing experience.

Before proceeding to step 2: The Blowout, they blowdried my hair first and put the Bamboo Miracle Smoothing Treatment. They ironed it with the treatment on my hair just like the Keratin Treatment procedure. When all of my hair’s finished ironing, they proceeded with the last step.

Intense Moisture Masque. The last step was washing my hair with Trueplex’s Bamboo Miracle conditioner. I swear, I loved the fragrance. It’s not that strong to my nose.

As mentioned earlier, this treatment is similar to the Keratin Treatment except that a day after this treatment, you can immediately wash your hair with conditioner.

A week has passed since my Bamboo Miracle Treatment and my hair is still soft and smooth. It did resurrect my hair.

Look to look for in Pink & Gold

If you’re visiting Pink & Gold Roxas C5 branch, look for Junmor. He’s the one who took care of my hair. He’s also the stylist of my two best friends who became loyal customers of Pink & Gold too.

Book your appointment and message Pink & Gold C5 to know more about Bamboo Miracle Treatment for softer, smoother hair.

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