Top Five Favorite Milk Teas in Davao City

Top Five Favorite Milk Teas in Davao City

Milk teas are on trend not only in Davao City but probably everywhere in the Philippines. It’ll take time before people create a new trend and wipe out milk tea from the food trend list!

I’ve tried almost all milk tea shops available in Davao City — Gong Cha, Serenitea, Ochado, Ice Tag, Love Land, Toptea, Fiftea, Chat Time, etc. You name it. All shops are pretty cool, and they have their own signature milk teas.

With the all milk teas I’ve tried, I decided to share to you my top 5 favorite milk teas in Davao City, and why they’re my favorites.

This list is my personal favorite, based on my personal taste. We may prefer different flavors or different shops. So comment below if you have milk tea suggestions that you want me to try!

Let’s start!

1. Brown Sugar Milktea with Cheese Mouse of TopTea

This is the newest flavor of TopTea! I love how Brown Sugar MT with Cheese Mouse is not too sweet and poured with lots of fresh milk. I personally love fresh milk, so I immediately loved this drink. With cheese mouse on top, it’s the perfect blend.

This is perfect if you want pure fresh milk, not really much of a tea.


TopTea is located at F. Torres Street, Davao City, building beside Caltex, Bajada. Open from 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM.

2. Cream Cheese Milk Tea of Macao Imperial Tea

Notice how I love cream cheese or cheese mouse so much? This is the first drink I ever tried in Macao Imperial Tea. After that, I never tried any flavor in their menu because I just love their Cream Cheese Milk Tea.

It’s best if you don’t stir the drink. It tastes better if the cream cheese is on top of the drink.

If you want a little bit more dynamic in your Cream Cheese drink, you can order:
🥤Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea
🥤Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Milk Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Cocoa
🥤Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea
🥤Cream Cheese Uji Matcha

Macao Imperial Tea has two branches in Davao City. One is on the second floor SM Lanang Premier, the other is on the second floor Abreeza Mall.

3. Hokkaido of Serenitea

I personally like my Hokkaido drink if it’s zero sugar. It’s not too bitter and not too sweet. I always pair my Hokkaido with Original (or Spicy) Chicken Chops. These two are the perfect combination!

I first tried Serenitea when I was in Resorts World Manila with my friends. That’s when I started craving for milk teas. That’s why I was so happy when Serenitea branched out to Davao. Now they have two branches! One is beside Victoria Plaza, the other is inside SM Lanang Premiere.

Hokkaido Zero Sugar with Chicken Chops!

4. Fine Salt & Cheese Milk Tea of Green Coffee

Same with Cream Cheese MT of Macao Imperial, Green Coffee’s Fine Salt & Cheese Milk Tea taste better if you don’t stir & mix the drink. It’s best when the fine salt & cheese is on top.

I love Green Coffee’s milk teas because you can actually taste the tea in it. You’re reminded that you’re actually drinking tea mixed with milk. They even put a tea bag at the bottom of your drink! They’re also generous with their fine salt & cheese.

Green Coffee now has 4 branches in Davao City, open for 24 hours. This is the perfect coffee shop for students who stay up late and study.

1. Bajada Branch
2. Torres Branch
3. Obrero Branch
4. Marfori Branch

5. Ice Cream Red Milk Tea of Fiftea

This is the most unique taste among the 4 favorites. I’m not sure if there’s a bit of red bean-ish taste. I can’t explain the taste but it’s really good especially because there’s a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on top!

Fiftea’s Ice Cream Red Milk Tea is my to-go drink.

I know there’s two branches of Fiftea in Davao City — one in SM City Davao (Ecoland) & one in SM Lanang Premiere.

Before there’s Fiftea in Gaisano Mall of Davao, but I’m not sure if it’s still open.

What are you Milk Tea suggestions?

Again, these 5 milk teas are my personal favorite MTs. We may have different top 5 flavors and prefer different shops.

I want to know your personal favorites! Comment below your favorite milk tea drink & shop. It might become my favorite too!


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