Spontaneous Weekend at Hills View Mountain Resort

Spontaneous Weekend at Hills View Mountain Resort

After months of staying at home, Davao City finally opens some of its local food shops and Bukidnon-Davao borders without asking for a travel pass. The city officials finally lifted the Food & Medicine Pass though we’re still required to be extra cautious.

Even though FM passes are lifted, we are still encouraged to:

  • Stay at home if there aren’t any necessary transactions.
  • Wear face masks and face shields.
  • Strictly practice social distancing.
  • Sanitize and hand wash frequently.

Hills View Mountain Resort

Gwyn, Abby, and I had a sleepover at Gwyn’s house. It was the weekend before our friend, Aibe, moves to Canada and live there for good

A supposedly one-night sleepover became two nights. A supposed lunch date only became a spontaneous trip to Hills View Mountain Resort, BuDa.

Because it’s super unplanned, I’m not quite prepared to share to you information about the resort in this blog. All I know is that Hills View is located a little close to Bemwa Garden, and it’s open to walk-ins and sleepover. You can message Hills View Mountain Resort for reservations and for more inqueries.

We arrived in Hillsview at around 4pm where we saw a beautiful sunset with beautiful mountain view. Locals suggested we visit before sunrise and early morning so we can witness the sea of clouds. Next time!

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