Sleepover at Dahican Surf Resort

You are now entering a stress-free zone. Thanks, Dahican Surf Resort! Well, there’s a lot of other beach resorts in Dahican, but Dahican Surf Resort is one of the coolest and well-known resorts.

Dahican is part of Mati, Davao Oriental. It is also known as the Siargao of Mindanao because of the beach waves you can surf on, white sand, and lots of beach activities to do — a surfing center!

After all those sweats from our hiking activity (see my Sleeping Dinosaur post!), we need to go somewhere, take a bath, and rest!

Our Accommodation

Since there is a party event in Dahican, most of the rooms and resorts are fully booked. We planned our Mati trip a week before so we booked the layover rooms. It’s is not really our first choice.

We don’t want to bring our tents because we want to sleep on a real bed.

Dahican Surf Resort has a shared bathroom… so be sure, you’re still wearing bikinis or clothing when showering. Someone might peek, but good thing the crowd is not that crazy.

The Beach

White sand, huge waves, blue skies, palm trees, bikinis and buko? Ahh, relaxing. You’ll fully enjoy the beach if you’re a surfer or at least you know how to surf. Us, girls, we are not surfers. So we prefer to tan and take pictures!

Want to braid your hair? There are locals roaming around asking if you want to to braid your hair for 50 PHP. They are around the resort day and night.

Jessy already knows how to braid hair, so I didn’t avail the child’s offer…


There are a lot of restaurants and karenderya alongside the beach. I love their fresh seafood, grilled pork, and the pastil. They also have a mini bar for fruit shakes, drinks, and snacks.

In Dahican Surf Resort, they also have a fancy coffee shop if you want lattes and cappuccinos.

How Relaxed Am I?

When I tell you it’s relaxing, it is really R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G. So relaxed, I spent my afternoon sleeping in our room while the others are toasting their skins.

Lol okay, so I guess I was just really tired from the early morning travel and hiking.

But the next day, I enjoyed the beach. I wasn’t able to surf or learn how to surf, but I enjoyed the sunrise and morning waves.

Check the vlog!

It’s pretty cool and helpful when you have a vlogger friend. She gets to capture amazing moments that one might have missed out. Best is we can watch and replay the moment.

Check Jessy’s vlog about this trip and subscribe!


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