Sleeping Dinosaur, don’t you ever wake up.

Asthmatics! Pack your inhalers, papers bags, and water tumblers if you want to hike Mati, Davao Oriental’s famous Sleeping Dinosaur.

You don’t want to faint and fall off!

It may not look like a sleeping dinosaur in the photo but in a certain angle, it looks like a peaceful dinosaur sleeping for years.

Sleeping Dinosaur is Mati’s famous trekking site with approximately 579 hectars! For an asthmatic like me, I wouldn’t dare trekking the whole mountain trail without feeling like I’ll faint anytime soon or puff my inhaler for every 15 minutes. Lol.

How To Get There

We’ve heard about Sleeping Dinosaur and have seen people’s Instagram-worthy photos few years ago, but my friends and I decided to trek it about a week before our trip.

Captured palm trees during our road trip

Usually, when you ride a bus from Davao City to Mati, Davao Oriental, it would take about 4 hours to arrive. If you have your own private car, it’ll take 3 hours if you drive fast. But since we took a few stopovers and our driver drives a bit slow, it took us 4 hours to arrive to Badas View Deck.

Badas View Deck is the entrance part of mountain trail or the tail part of the Sleeping Dinosaur.

Entrance fee? 5 PHP/ .96 USD per person only! You’ll know you’re in Badas View Deck when you see a mini karinderya (cafe) along the main road with the signage.

We were planning to arrive before sunrise so we could witness the sunrise on the mountain. That would be awesome experience and breathtaking scene to remember. But unfortunately, we arrived late and the sun was already out!

We started our road trip at 2:30 AM but arrived in Mati 6:30 AM. It was already scortching hot when we started our trek! We made sure to bring our towels and water jugs to avoid dehydration.

One More Step!

I get a bit paranoid when I hear some sort of bug sounds and think that it’s a snake, but the view of our trekking is so beautiful I forget those creepy sounds! I’m actually kind of thankful that we started our trek with the sun out because I could see the view while we trek.

All those green mountain curves are so relaxing to the eyes, and the view of the lake makes you want to jump of to it and swim.

If you’re living in the city and all you can see are buildings and roads, these mountain views are so relaxing and calming even if you’re catching your breath from hiking.

All those early morning road trip and hours of driving are so worth it. Because of these views, I’m proud that I live in the Philippines because of the nature.

A peak of the the lake

It’s not really my first time to hike but I still get a breathtaking feeling (literally & figuratively) whenever I hike and see awesome scenes!

Hiking Is Fun With Friends!

Of course! Who wants to trek a mountain alone? Maybe some. But for me, it’s fun with friends.

We had fun talking, vlogging, and laughing whenever someone stumbles or slips. We talk about life and catch up with each other’s stories. We make future outing plans while walking and just enjoying each other’s company.

And what is a friend if he/she doesn’t take an Instagram-worthy photo of you? Lol. I love outings with friends because someone would take a good photo of me. #ForTheGram


Sports bra, leggings, and a hiking/water shoes. That’s my #OOTD! I also had a jacket but I take it off for the photo — for the gram!

Don’t forget a towel and wet wipes because you need to wipe off that dirt when you stumble!

I suggest you wear leggings instead of shorts especially if you have sensitive skin because there are a lot of mountain weeds that make my skin itchy.

We aimed to finish the trek and wanted to reach the head part of the Sleeping Dino, but sadly we decided to go back because the sun is burning our skin and it was almost noon time. We can’t finish the trek (weak).

We suggest to start the trek at 4:00 AM before sunrise. If you trek fast, you might reach the Sleeping Dino’s head before sunrise and take good photos during sunrise. That would be awesome!

So… done with our trekking and off to the Dahican Beach!! You can watch Jessy’s vlog about our trekking experience and subscribe!


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