Siquijor Island Day Tour

Siquijor Island Day Tour

Not a lot of people visit Siquijor Island because it’s known for myths, creepy creatures, faith healers, witches, potions, etc. Some of these stories are said to be true. Some are just made-up stories to scare colonizers back in the days.

People who’ve already visited Siquijor know that this island has the most beautiful and pristine beaches. I always wanted to visit this island despite the rumors. And now that I’ve already visited this, I can say, for sure, this is one of my ticked off travel bucket list.

When in Siquijor

According to our local driver during our tour, there are some stories about myths and legends that are true. He has seen it with his own eyes. But there are stories as well that are false and just made-up stories to scare colonizers in the time.

I think some stories like curses, black magic, and spirits are true, but I believe in a more powerful, good God that will protect us during our tour here. My brother warned me not to do stupid adventures that’ll annoy locals because they might “target” me.

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Pamahiins they told us.

  • Tap back the person who’d tap you.
  • Don’t accept food or drinks by locals you really don’t know. It might be cursed or poisoned, or it might be from a dwarf.
  • Don’t look directly at locals’ eyes.
  • Gayuma or love potions are not effective.
  • Kulam is true, said by them.

Siquijor celebrates this type of thing. They have a fiesta in May or August (I’m not sure of the date) where faith healers and witches from the mountain go downtown or show themselves to the public. I think it’s the one fiesta in the Philippines that I’m afraid to celebrate.

Klook Itinerary

We didn’t know that this tour is private. Only Aibe, me, tour guide, and our driver in this booked tour. This made most of our whole island tour.

Siquijor Cambugahay Falls and Heritage Day Trip is only 1,900 PHP when we booked it. It includes pick up and drop-off from and to our hotel in Dumaguete. I don’t have to book transportation, boat ticket, etc. just to get to Siquijor.

  • 9:00 am hotel pick up
  • Depart Dumaguete
  • Arrive Siquijor
  • St Francis de Assissi Bell Tower
  • St Vincent Bell Tower
  • 12:00 pm Lunch at own expense in Triad Cafe
  • Cang-Isok Old House
  • Salagdoong Beach
  • Cambugahay Falls
  • Balete tree
  • Ferry back to Dumaguete
  • 4:00 pm hotel drop off

We didn’t exactly follow the itinerary posted in Klook. Since it’s a private tour, we had our freedom to visit places in our own accord. Below are the photos from our tour according to where we really went to in order.

Our Own Itinerary

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach is like the Boracay part of the island. I loved it here because of the pristine environment, locals will take photos for you (just give them a tip), and very relaxing feels. We stayed a bit longer here just to take lots of photos and a few minutes dip at the beach.

Our tour guide mentioned that there are several Old Balete Trees in Siquijor, but the Balete tree on the picture is the most accessible to tourists. Others are located in the deepest mountain part of the Island where witches live. That’s why it’s scary to visit other trees.

Locals developed this place into something where tourists can really visit.

  1. Fish spa to relax our fit, but the fishes are huge!
  2. A restaurant
  3. Local food stalls
  4. Souvenir shops
Broomshot Siquijor

Before we headed to the restaurant for our lunch, we stopped by at the Broomshot Siquijor — another tourist spot. I loved it here because it’s relaxing and has fresh air!

After our lunch, we passed by this beautiful, ancient-looking Spanish church when we were headed to Cambugahay Falls. Looking at this tower and picture gives me the Spanish vibe — like I’m in a provincial area in Spain. It’s so beautiful.

Cambugahay Falls

One of the most famous falls in the island — Cambugahay Falls. Americans, Europeans, generally white tourists, visit here and take an Instagramable photo for monetization.

The water of the falls is blue like in Iceland. The falls feel like a massage in your back when you’re at the bottom of the falls. You can swing like Tarzan and drop at the falls. It’s such a touristy thing to do, but fun.

We stayed there a little longer.

Our last official stop is in Salagdoong Beach. We wanted to do water activities like slide to the beach and banana boat. But we were too tired and we wanted to enjoy the beach, swimming around.

Visit Siquijor Island

As I’ve mentioned, Siquijor Island a very beautiful island. I’d visit again if I have the chance because the place is very relaxing and untouched.

I’ve been wanting to visit this island, and I’m so happy I went here with my best friend. Ticked off another island in my travel bucket list!

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