Sing Like Never Before

Sing Like Never Before

I never really understood why some people praise and worship God with all their hearts. People were really expressive about it and are not afraid to show it.

I never imagined myself to be that expressive in worshipping God. As much as I try to, I thought I can never really show it because I was shy.

I guess the reason why I can’t praise and worship with all my heart is because I never understood the meaning of the song and never really felt what it was about.

The day I finally understood it? When He was speaking to me and I finally listened.

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O Come To The Altar

I remember hearing O Come To The Altar by Elevation Worship in our church. The time this song struck me, I was really empty, lonely, and just confused about why I was feeling empty.

Everything was fine in my life. I was excelling in my work and my relationship with other people is doing fine. I’m financially fine. But there’s something in me that’s lacking. I can’t pinpoint what and why.

Hearing this song pokes my heart. As I read the lyrics on the screen, I begin to understand why. At that time, I really felt God was speaking to me through the song.

I later on realized that He was calling me.

O come to the altar
The Father’s arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

When I heard this song, my tears were about to fall off. I was just trying to hold them back. I felt those lines. At that time, I felt God was literally right in front of me, opening his arms for me to come and just hug Him. Be at His presence.

What I think God was telling me through the song

Leave behind your regrets and mistakes
Come today there’s no reason to wait
Jesus is calling

Come to Him and surrender. The reason why I was feeling empty was that I was running away from Him. I controlled my own life — making decisions without consulting what His will is and running the life race on my own.

I grew exhausted and stressed with that kind of lifestyle. When I finally thought everything is doing great with my life, I felt the purposelessness, emptiness, sinful, and having a heavy heart.

As I finally acknowledged this, I started to surrender. And this is where everything starts to change.

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Beautiful Love

No matter how I tried to run away and lived my life the way I wanted it to be lived, God never gave up on me. Even though I’ve ignored and denied Him, He never stopped calling me His daughter.

How can it be? How can someone be that patient, understanding, and loving?

Oh what love, how can it be?
From that cross, You looked at me
Oh what love, poured out for me
What a beautiful

Another thing that makes me cry is knowing God is always there for me and has never abandoned me. He still loves me no matter what I did before.

I was crying because I was thankful and just felt his love. As the song says: there’s nothing more beautiful than Your love. It’s His Beautiful Love that’s had me on my knees.

Photo by George Webster on Unsplash

God speaks in ways we never expect. He spoke to me through those songs. As he speaks and I felt His presence, heard Him, and finally listened, I have this urge to give the glory back to Him.

Realizing this, I begin to understand why people are so expressive in worshipping God. They’re giving back the glory to Him as they’ve encountered God in their lives.

This personal encounter with God through worship songs? I finally understood it. And this makes me sing like never before.

I pray that you too will be able to hear what God is trying to speak to you. You too will have a personal encounter with Him. It may be a way you never expect. Keep an open mind and pray about it.


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