Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo at Lady Boss Aesthetics

Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo at Lady Boss Aesthetics

I’m planning to get a tattoo on my birthday this October 31st. But when I pranked Papa about it, I got the hint that he’ll be furious if I do get a tattoo. It’s like an indirect “no” answer from him.

My Tattoo Prank To Papa

So what I did is I got a semi-permanent tattoo on my eyebrows. I don’t have to think about my eyebrows anymore, at least for the next 2 years!

Lady Boss Aesthetic‘s chief artist, with the guidance of the owner, did my semi-permanent tattoo. I knew my eyebrows are in good hands. Look at the results!

How My Experience?

Zero to tolerable pain! Girls, I swear it’s not that painful, especially the first coating because they put the anesthesia. No pain at first. But I can feel the pain on the second coating but it’s bearable. To those who have low pain tolerance, I suggest you don’t drink coffee or eat any chocolates on the day of your appointment.

The procedure only took 1 hour and 30 minutes. I liked the whole procedure because while they’re tattooing my eyebrows, they’re giving me after-care tips. She’s making sure I understand and know the dos-and-don’ts. Plus, I’ll be back after 40-60 days to retouch!

Lady Boss Aesthetics offer three options:

  1. Microblading (Hair Stroke). This is good for those who have thin brows/little hair on eyebrows to add more hair-like on.
  2. Microshading (Combo Technique). This one is perfect for both thick and thin brows who want their brows to be more defined, shaped, and subtle.
  3. Ombre. This is good for those who have thick brows/full brows but want it more defined. This is what they did on my brows!

💯 No downtime
💯 No hassle
💯 Smudge-proof
💯 Natural-looking

Book Your Appointment

Lady Boss Aesthetics has a strict policy on appointment-first basis. Because of the pandemic season, they don’t allow walk-ins to protect their clients and staffs’ health.

Before visiting, make sure you message their Facebook Page and book your appointment. Ready your cash or card, and just relax when you get there!


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