Seeing the good amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Seeing the good amidst COVID-19 pandemic

So many plans on hold because of COVID-19. Maybe this is God telling me to slow down, pause, and say hi to Him.

I’m the type of person who’d do everything at once if I can. Try a lot of things, learn, gain experience, keep a busy schedule because I like the feeling of doing lots of things. Now that the world forced me to stay at home, I’m frustrated my plans got on hold.

But because of this situation, I have time to be with my family and catch up with them, get full 8 hours of sleep (and more!), get in touch with people I’ve forgotten (sorry ✌🏻), refocus/redirect my plans, eat whole foods, focus on health, and pray to God & actually read the bible to hear from Him!

I see the good despite of this awful and fearful situation. Think about how I can help. And be grateful.

I hope you don’t lose hope. I hope you also see what God is trying to change in your life. 😉 Please stay safe, stay at home, and don’t lose hope. We’ll get through with this! 💪🏻

P.S. I know the content is not related to the photos. But this is what happens when you have a sister who’s forcing you to do photoshoots because she’s bored. Sister bonding. 😅

Enjoy your time with your family!


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