Samgyeopsal with a Twist at The Devour Bistro

Samgyeopsal with a Twist at The Devour Bistro

When you hear Samgyeopsal, you usually imagine the traditional Samgyeopsal where a lettuce and pork belly will be served. But Devour Bistro’s Samgyeopsal is unique. It is the actual grilled pork with nori on the side + kimchi rice and sunny side egg.

I never imagined Samgyeop would be this unique.

Devour Bistro is a comfort food restaurant at The Pavillion Building, V. Mapa Street, Davao City. The restaurant is already open for friends and families to come by, but its official opening is probably next month.

From the interior design of the restaurant to the tasty food, Devour Bistro is definitely a comfort. I suggest you visit with your friends because the ambiance of the restaurant gives you that relaxing and “bonding” vibe.

As for the food, it’s so tasty, amazing, and really unique on my taste buds!

Chef Chino

Best-Sellers on the Menu


Most Filipinos love spring rolls (lumpia) whether it’s Lumpiang Shanghai or Lumpiang Ubod. But in all my life, I’ve never tried Dinuguan Spring Rolls.

The way Chef Chino cooked and presented the spring roll is already mouthwatering, and once I bit it, my eyes literally widened because I was shocked that it’s neither ubod or shanghai. It’s was the most unique and best lumpia I’ve ever tasted!

Dinuguan Spring Rolls

Another amazing appetizer is their Dirty Fries. The fries are topped with their signature chili con carne, sharp cheddar sauce, jalapenos, olives, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. It’s not your ordinary fries!


Pasta is amazing, but the best-sellers of their Pasta are Tuyo Aglio Olio & Seafood Aglio Olio. If you love tahong and shrimps, then you should try the Seafood Aglio Olio. But if you’re much of a seafood lover or allergic to shellfish, then try the Tuyo Aglio Olio.

Personally, I loved the Tuyo Aglio Olio because of the saltiness of the pasta. I’ll definitely order it again when I come back!

Main Course – Pork

And of course, one of the best sellers is their unique Samgyeopsal on Kimchi Rice.

One of the tastiest serving is their salted egg pork paired with rice! This is perfect as short orders.

Prices & Menu

Devour Bistro priced their food at a reasonable rate, from P150 – P420.

Personal Favorites

I’ve tried everything that they served during our visit to Devour Bistro. If I could make everything my favorite, I would! But there are three dishes that really stood out, and I’ll definitely order again next time.

  1. Diniguan Spring Rolls
  2. Tuyo Aglio Olio
  3. Samgyeopsal on Kimchi Rice

Visit Devour Bistro at The Pavillion Building, V. Mapa Street, Davao City! Let me know your favorites, and I’ll try them out!

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