Next Travel Project: #ProjectPH81

Next Travel Project: #ProjectPH81

I’ve been spending more time on my laptop than ever before because of this enhanced community quarantine. I did nothing but work, browse the internet, admire other people’s travel photos, and reminisce my travel moments.

Seeing my old photos as I organize my back up hard drive makes me want to travel again. I saw one Filipina who posted her photos visiting all provinces of the Philippines — 81 in total, for four years of traveling. She inspires me to do the same after this quarantine.


I am using my quarantine time to plan for my next travel project: #ProjectPH81. Basically, it’s about visiting all 81 provinces of the Philippines. Easy as it sounds but so hard to do!

The Philippines is not like any other compact country. The regions and provinces are separated from each other because we’re more like an island (archipelago). Traveling the whole PH would take months to finish because there are a lot of boat rides, hours of bus rides, and expensive plane rides.

No wonder why the Filipina traveler took 4 years to finish. I don’t really know her whole story, but I’m guessing she juggled school days or work and traveling.

Major Things To Prepare

Money. Of course! I’m expecting traveling the PH would be a bit more expensive than what I expect. There are several types of traveling that would make it a little expensive, but here are the conditions I can think of:

  • Expensive = Comfortable traveling
  • Budget travel = Longer traveling days and a bit uncomfortable

So let’s see what I’m going to decide after planning the whole PH trip! I should allot money for boat rides, food, possible local plane rides, bus rides, and tricycle rides since I don’t know how to drive a motorbike which would be a lot easier if I could rent one.

Mobile Data. Because I need money for my travels, I need to invest to a fast mobile data/portable internet connection for me to work online. I’m thankful I can work wherever but sadly, there are some parts of the PH that don’t have a strong signal connection.

What I’ve Visited So Far

Out of the 81 provinces, I’ve visited 10 provinces so far. 11 if I’m going to include Davao City where I live in. I am going to consider my late 2018 to 2019 Philippine travels.

I want to vlog about my PH travel but unfortunately, I’ve only vlogged 2 out of 11 travels. But I did write my itineraries about them:

Luzon Travels

Luzon has 39 provinces. It’s obviously the largest land area in the Philippines. I haven’t visited most of their provinces because it’s the farthest for me since I live in Mindanao.

For me to travel all of Luzon’s provinces, I would need to rent a car.

National Capital Region: Manila
Rizal Region: Taytay

Visayas Travels

Visayas is the nearest region for me with 16 provinces. Surprisingly, I already traveled to most of this region compared to Mindanao where I live. To travel Visayas, I would need to invest in long hours of boat rides.

Cebu City
Guimaras Island
Iloilo City
Negros Oriental: Manjuyod Sandbar
Siquijor, Siquijor

Mindanao Travels

This is where I live along with 26 provinces. Unfortunately, it’s hard to travel freely in Mindanao because of the NPAs and military forces. It’s scary sometimes to travel around Mindanao. But I would like to debunk what the media is mostly portraying about Mindanao.

There are a lot of great places here and I would like to show everyone that it’s not really bad traveling to Mindanao.

Davao Oriental: Mati
Surigao del Sur

Where To Next?

I’m still deciding where I should travel first. Either I travel Mindanao first because this is where I live or to Luzon because it’s a difficult travel for me and I want to finish the difficult level first.

I am still planning my trip, so I haven’t really decided yet.

Watch My Adventures!

Even though I am still at the planning stage, I’ve already decided that I’m definitely gonna vlog about my PH travels. So subscribe to my channel and wait for my adventures! I’m excited for us: Noe Petel

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