Mango Coffee at Trappist Monastery Cafe, Guimaras

Mango Coffee at Trappist Monastery Cafe, Guimaras

Mangoes in Guimaras Island are the sweetest in the Philippines! They even have an annual Mangahan Festival every May 11-22 to celebrate their mango ripe season!

All mangoes lay down beside the road along with different types of local products. All are in their most affordable prices and ripest season.

Magsawa ka sa mango jam, mango butterscotch, mango piyaya, mango coffee, mango pizza, mango, etc. Almost every food in Guimaras Island has a taste of mango!

One thing I remembered from the tour guide’s stories/facts about Guimaras is that the soil of the island itself is good that anywhere you plant mango seeds will turn out into a very sweet mango fruit. Their sunlight and weather contribute too.

Another ordinance in Guimaras is that you can buy and bring home mangoes from the island, but you absolutely cannot bring mangoes outside Guimaras into Guimaras Island. When you get to the port, they’ll check your bags and confiscate mangoes you’re bringing.

They want to preserve their mangoes and not be contaminated with other mangoes that are not from Guimaras.

The Mango Coffee

Can you imagine mango and coffee combined together? I mean both are good separately, but I just don’t know what it would taste if combined together.

Surprisingly, Trappist Monastery Cafe, their Cafe Sta. Hildegarda specifically, brew the best mango coffee in the country.

Well, it’s a normal coffee but mixed together with mango and whip cream. You’ll first taste the sweet mango, then the bitter, strong coffee taste after. At first, I thought the sweet-mango-bitter-coffee taste will only last a first few sips, but the taste is consistent and I didn’t even notice that I was almost done with my drink!

I enjoyed their mango coffee!

Cafe’s Local Staff

I didn’t just enjoyed their mango coffee, I also enjoyed the company of their staff. Kuya Christian, a staff who works at the monastery, offered his photography services to us. He knew we’re tourists, and he approached us so we could have good pictures. Seeing from the shot above, he knows how to capture everything.

While enjoying our coffee and the garden-like ambiance of the coffee shop, he shared his travel experiences and suggested what activities we should do in Guimaras. He even offered a travel and tour company for us to try in our next Guimaras trip.

Kuya Christian is so persuasive it made me regret that I only did a day tour in Guimaras. Because of his stories, I wanted to explore the whole island and try all the exciting activities Guimaras has to offer.

I will definitely come back to this island and will make sure I’ll explore everything.

Trappist Monastery Gift Shop

I didn’t just brought mangoes when I went back to Davao. I brought home mango jam, mango cookies, mango piyaya, mango otap, mango butterscotch, mango biscuit, mango coffee too!

Magsawa si mama sa mangoes! Well, she requested lots of mangoes. I brought back lots of mango types of delicacies!


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