Luscious Dessert PH

Luscious Dessert PH

This pandemic changed a lot of things in our personal and business lives. And the most important for everyone to learn is to support local business and support your friend who runs a business.

It doesn’t take too much time liking and sharing their page, mentioning and promoting their Instagram account, and placing an order to try out their product/service. Be that friend who supports even in a smallest possible way!

I’m happy to promote my best friend’s small bakeshop business! I am so proud of Ave Falcon for putting up Luscious Desserts PH. I remember she bought a book about baking when we were in Big Bad Wolf Davao event and now she’s applying what she’s learning! That’s a progress!

What to order?

Her first bake was her Blueberry Cheesecake. I tell you it’s super delicious. I ordered almost every week because it’s addicting. I even ordered for my brother’s birthday instead of ordering a cake!

Next is my favorite. Her Chocolate Chip Cookies! Super soft and tasty. I personally love this. In a pack, there are 15 pieces for an affordable price. It’s a steal.

Lastly, I ordered Choco Moist cake for my father’s birthday. I first ordered her smallest size to try out. When I and my family loved it, even my neighbours, I ordered her biggest size for my papa’s day.

Follow and Visit her Socials

Check out on Facebook and Instagram. She’s very responsive and friendly. I’m not telling this as her best friend, but really, her goodies are great and worth the try.

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