Loveland’s Golden Mango Milkcap

Loveland’s Golden Mango Milkcap

There are a lot of milk tea shops in Davao City. I swear, we have plenty of them. I believe there’s plenty more coming since milk tea is trendy in the city.

I’ve tried almost all milk tea shops in the city because I’m a milk tea lover. Some of them taste the same, some have a unique and surprising twist. I love milk teas that are sweet, but sometimes I crave milk teas that I can actually taste the tea.

Among all the milk teas I’ve tried in the city, one shop that I remember the most that I can really taste the tea and all ingredients are fresh and unique in taste is Loveland Tea.

Loveland Milk Tea

Loveland Tea is a Taiwan-based milk tea shop that opened its first branch in SM City Davao last April 2019. It’s the first milk tea shop to offer freshly made pearls in the city and in Mindanao.

They take pride in offering drinks made with real brewed, whole leaf tea, fresh fruits, and fresh boba, with no added artificial flavorings. All fresh and natural, no added flavorings or syrups.

The SM City Davao, Ecoland branch is the first-ever branch in the Philippines. This December, they are opening their second store at the upper ground level of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

When I bought my milk tea and stayed at the shop to kill time, I talked to the branch owner of Loveland. She makes sure the quality of the products is freshly made every day. She doesn’t compromise the quality of the drinks. That’s what makes her store, her products special.

Before branching out, she makes sure her SM City branch is stabled and the staffs are well-trained before mushrooming the city.

Golden Mango Milkcap

The Golden Mango Milkcap is Loveland’s version of the viral and crazy popular drink in China at the moment.

Customers are line for hours just to try it! It’s made with a mango based drink from real mangoes, real fruit bits, “mango cloud” – the delicious foamy part of the drink and topped with our signature cream cheese-based mousse or we call it “milkcap”.

I tried their Golden Mango Cap, and now it’s my new favorite drink. No wonder why the Chinese are crazy about it.


BUY 1 TAKE 1 until December 14, 2019
Buy (1) Golden Mango Milkcap at P120 only and get (1) Green Tea Milkcap or Black Tea Milkcap for free!

Personally, I loved the Black Tea Milkcap. I taste the black tea and cream cheese on top. The owner instructed us on the best way to drink milk caps.

  • Do not ask for straws.
  • Do not shake the drink.

Loveland prefers the drinks as it is because you can actually taste two different flavors — the tea and the cream cheese when you don’t use straw or shake the drink.

For their milkcaps, they will give you a mini knife to cut off a little part of the cup to drink.

For drinks with boba, puddings or other sinkers, they will give you straws for it. The staff actually informs you of the best way to drink their milk teas.

Loveland Tea is located on the second floor of SM City Davao (SM Ecoland) near the food court.

For more details, visit Loveland Tea’s Facebook Page & Instagram.

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