My First Eyelash Lift Experience at Shen Asidor Beauty Studio

My First Eyelash Lift Experience at Shen Asidor Beauty Studio

I love how my lashes look right now! Thank you, Shen Asidor Beauty Studio! It’s my first time to try eyelashes lift. I can’t believe how it enhanced the beauty of my eyes!

My lashes were virgin. I’ve never tried anything with my eyelashes except putting mascaras whenever there are events. Knowing someone’s gonna put medicine and perm on them, I felt pretty nervous about it. But seeing the outcome, I’ll definitely try perming my lashes again soon!

Eyelash Lift Procedure

It took at least one hour & 30 minutes to do the lift procedure. I was asleep half of it because I was able to relax and close my eyes for an hour and a half. When I woke up, my lashes are already beautiful!

2 Types of Lash Lift

There are two types of eyelash lift Shen offers:

  1. Regular Eyelash Lift for 350 PHP
  2. Eyelash Lift with Semi-Permanent Mascara for 500 PHP

I chose the one with semi-permanent mascara so it’ll look darker and more enhanced. I don’t have to worry about putting more mascara whenever I go out.

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The Procedure

It takes 5 procedure to do this with 15 minutes allotted time for each procedure. If you’ll choose the regular lash lift, remove Tint procedure below.

  1. Perming Stage – 15 minutes
  2. Fixing – 15 minutes
  3. Tint (Mascara) – 15 minutes
  4. Nutrition – 15 minutes
  5. Cleansing – 15 minutes

Before she started the process, Shen measured the length of my lashes to know what “size” she’ll use. I have pretty long lashes, so she used the medium.

Shen Asidor Beauty Studio uses CouCou Lash Lift products. It’s a Korean product inspired by Japanese Beauty experts. It never irritated my nose because I didn’t notice the strong, medicinal smell.

My lift, with this medicine, will last approximately 2-3 months.

Why Eyelash Lift?

I’ve always admired Alexis Ren, a model from the U.S. One of her physical features that I admire is her lashes. Extended, lifted, fake or natural — I love her lashes. It’s the first feature I notice when I visit her Instagram profile.

Seeing my lashes lifted, I notice how it can really beautify your physical appearance especially the eyes.

Other Services

Aside from eyelash lift, Shen Asidor offers makeup, brows, nails, and hair services! While I was at the studio, I enjoyed seeing other girls relaxing and enjoying their beautification.

Location 📍

Shen Asidor Beauty Studio is located at Gultiano Residence Blk 1-B Lot 1 Purple gate DSLA Village Balusong Extension Matina (3.33 mi) Davao City 8000.

You can already find it on Google Maps and book a taxi in Hirna or Grab Taxi.


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