Dumaguete City Itinerary

Dumaguete City Itinerary

In our Tri-island travel with my best friend, we spent the most time in Dumaguete City. We rode a boat from Bohol to Dumaguete, then boat to Siquijor and back. We even spent a day in Dumaguete before going to Siquijor Island.

To be honest, I don’t much about Dumaguete and where to go. All I know is that you can find one of the biggest universities in this city — Siliman University. Commuting in this city, you’ll feel like the whole university took over the whole city.

There were only two itineraries in our Dumaguete trip — Food Trip and Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar.

Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries

A friend of ours recommended food and restaurants to try because it’s always fun when there’s new food to try. One of the famous delicacies in Dumaguete is the Sans Rival, a sweet, unique type of cake/pastry.

If you’ve read my Guimaras blog, that place is known for sweet mangoes. In Dumaguete, Sans Rival is very popular.

Because we were too tired from our Bohol trip, we started our Dumaguete food trip late in the afternoon. We only tried two restaurants, and the most famous one is the Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries for our dessert.

Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar

We tried to book this trip through Klook but unfortunately, the local travel and tours from Klook have this rule that the minimum number of people should be 14pax. If you’re a join-in tour, you’ll have to wait to reach 14pax before confirming the tour.

It was sadly canceled, but good thing the local travel in Klook for our Siquijor tour talked to us that they can cater us for our Manjuyod Sandbar tour.

Travis Travel and Tours made the arrangement. It is a local tour agency based in Negros Oriental. They arrange package tours, hotel & resort booking, flight booking, and van rental in Negro Oriental only. They are the ones who were with us during our Siquijor tour. (Review at the bottom)

What happened to our trip?

I wouldn’t say it was a disaster, not disappointing as well because we understood the situation. It’s just, it wasn’t the way we expected it; there were several twists:

Plot Twist #1

Our booking in Klook got canceled, so we looked for an alternative tour. Our tour was a private tour, so it’s a lot more expensive than our original (and canceled) booking.

Aibe wanted to look for a different travel agency, and she did. She inquired about the travel tour connected to our hotel, but the price for join-in is almost the same compared to a private tour.

Plot Twist #2

We were really excited seeing the Dolphins but because of the weather, we weren’t able to see them. A storm is approaching so the waves are strong, quite huge, and scary. We had to go back.

The location on the ocean where we can see the dolphins is quite far from the shore. We were in the middle already and we’re almost there, but we had to go back because they said, dolphins are not around. Plus, the weather is almost dangerous.

Plot Twist #3

We spent almost 5-6 hours waiting for the low tide so that we can see the Manjuyod Sandbar. Sadly, the low tide is at 3:00 PM and we had to back to Dumaguete at 5:00 PM to catch out flight.

While waiting for low tide, we spent more money on three water rides/activities because we were bored. The water activities were intense for us.

Overall, we spent a lot more money but we didn’t really make the most out of it. We didn’t see the dolphins and we didn’t see the actual Sandbar. But we totally understand the situation and we’re not blaming the travel agency because it’s not their fault.

We tried our best to enjoy by taking photos because, to be honest, the water is so beautiful, so blue, so clean. We took a lot of Instagramable photos.

Travis Travel & Tour Review

Because we booked our Siquijor tour in Klook, we came to know about Travis Travel and Tour. Our tour guide is almost at our age so we toured around Siquijor like we’re close friends like she’s part of our trip. She really helped us taking photos, telling stories, sharing experiences, recommending places, and things that would make our tour more enjoyable.

When we mentioned that our Manjuyod tour is canceled, she offered her local travel and tour, and so we did.

They immediately arranged the tour even though we wanted to do it the next day. Our transportation from pick-up and drop-off has been so convenient. They dropped us off at the airport. They even lent their office for us to have a proper and hassle-free wash after the beach so that we can go to the airport right after.

I would recommend them! So if you’re planning to visit Dumaguete or tour Siquijor, Bohol, or places in the Visayas, make sure to contact them.

Epic fail shot

Despite the unfortunate and unexpected plot twists, we enjoyed our Dumaguete tour. I suggest for everyone to tour Dumaguete or Visayas during the summer season to avoid bad weather. Because aside from Dolphine Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar tour, there are a lot of beach tours you can explore in Dumaguete like swimming with the turtles or island hopping in Apo Island.

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