Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant & Business Center

Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant & Business Center

When I searched Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant and Business Center, I immediately felt that airport lounge vibe and pricey food. But don’t be intimidated by the professional and expensive vibe, their food is surprisingly affordable!

Davao Lounge is located at Governor Duterte Street, Illustre, Davao City. If you’re familiar with the old Shakeys building in Ilustre, you’ll know where exactly this place is.

I arrived in Davao Lounge feeling like I’m waiting for my flight to take off. Their lounge is so clean, relaxing, and boosts my energy to work on my laptop and finish off some work because the place is professionally peaceful.

I work online so I need a “tambayan” where I can work properly or have a video call with a professional background. Good thing their WiFi is available and fast. Their food and drinks are affordable and absolutely delicious, by the way. It’s perfect for professionals!

Cafe Restaurant

The food Davao Lounge offers are made by real chefs, so expect that most of their food servings are absolutely delicious, tasty, and amazing! Even the drinks are presentable and eye-catchy. One food serving is good for 2-3 persons.

Davao Lounge Food for Affordable Prices Each

Davao Social Media and Content Creators team had a chance to blog Davao Lounge — their food, place, VIP rooms available for rent. Each 5 of us had different favorites with the viands that were served. My favorite? Their Beef Salpicao!

Brief Food Review

I’m not a food expert or a cook. I barely know how to cook certain viands, so what I’m about to review here is based on my own personal taste. If I liked them or not and what I think about the food.

They served different options on the menu for an appetizer, soup, pasta, rice, main course, and dessert & drinks menu.

Appetizer: Kinilaw

I don’t usually eat Kinilaw as an appetizer because I see it as a main course or main viand. I pair Kinilaw with rice. Here in Davao Lounge, they serve Kinilaw as their appetizer! Soft and sour fish that’s just perfect before eating anything else on the menu!

Soup: Bouillabaisse

I have never heard of Bouillabaisse in my entire life. I don’t know what it taste should be and what it should look like. But this is the most awesome soup I’ve tried so far in my life.

Warning for those who are allergic to seafood. This soup has tahong, crabs, clams, and basically, the most common allergy-triggerer seafood. I am allergic to crabs, but when I tried out this soup, it didn’t trigger my allergies so I’m all good.

I loved the saltiness and creaminess of this soup.

Seafood Pasta

Creaminess with a little bit saltiness — this is how I like my carbonara or pasta. Davao Lounge’s seafood pasta got it perfectly. I was also amazed by the presentation of the pasta when they served it.

Asian Rice Platter
Ardiente Bulalo

I am not much a Bulalo eater, but this definitely got my attention. Since their food is cooked by chefs, expect that their viands especially their Bulalo tastes good.

Orange-Pineapple with Honey Glaze
Deep Fried St. Peter Fish
Beef Salpicao

VIP Function Room

One of the amenities that Davao Lounge offers is its function room rent for corporate events, parties, meetings, and business seminars or training.

I would recommend local entrepreneurs who are planning to conduct their seminar or training in Davao Lounge because of its affordable and corporate-themed ambiance. Check out rates below:

VIP Dining Area

  • Minimum of 30 people
  • Maximum of 60 people (Buffet)

Rate: P1,500 nett/person

  • 1 appetizer
  • 1 soup
  • 1 salad
  • 1 pasta
  • 3 main course
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 round of juice or soda

Rate: P1,300 nett/person

  • 1 appetizer
  • 1 soup or 1 salad
  • 1 pasta
  • 3 main courses
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 round of juice or soda

Rate: P900 nett/person

  • 1 soup
  • 1 salad or 1 pasta
  • 2 main courses
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 round of juice or soda

They also have a plated rate options:

P1,500 nett/person
P1,300 nett/person
P750 net/person
P650 net/person
P540 net/person

Consumable Rates

P8,500 net. Minimum of 12pax. Maximum of 15pax.
P6,500 net. Minimum of 10pax. Maximum of 12pax.
P5,000 net. Minimum of 10pax.

P5,000. Max of 10 pax

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