Davao City Tour

Davao City Tour

I’ve been living in Davao City for almost 13 years, but I haven’t really toured around and explore the city like a tourist. I was busy growing up that I forgot to see places, know a bit of history about the city I’m living in, and just explore places.

So one weekend I decided to see the most visited tourist spots in Davao City with my best friend/DOT-accredited tour guide, Abby. To my surprise, some of the spots are just close to my house!

Davao City is the largest city in the whole Philippines when it comes to land area. It’s not that obvious because the city isn’t much like Manila where it’s congested with buildings. If you’re driving out of town, you’ll think you’re already out of the city and into the province area. But you’ll be surprised that even though you’ve already been driving 2-3 hours, it’s still part of Davao.

Today, I’m going to show you the places Abby and I visited. You can also watch the vlog we have and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more vlogs!


We visited several spots, but sadly I haven’t been able to take much photos because I was shooting videos for the vlog. I only have a few pictures from certain tourist spots. But here’s the itinerary:

πŸ“ Sangguniang Panglungsod
πŸ“ City Hall of Davao
πŸ“ San Pedro Church
πŸ“ Long Hua Temple
πŸ“ Osmena Park & Tribal Village
πŸ“ Magsaysay Fruit Stand
πŸ“ Aldevincco Shopping Center
πŸ“ Apo ni Lola Pasalubong Center


The first three spots we visited were just beside each other. In the vlog, Abby explained the history of those three spots and why in guided tours, the three are highly visited.

Long Hua Temple

Long Hua Temple is, I believe, the only Buddhist temple in the city. This temple is similar to Taoist Temple in Cebu City if you’ve read my Cebu Itinerary blog.

Osmena Park and Tribal Village

I’d like to take pictures at the park but unfortunately, public parks and museums are closed because of the pandemic. We tried to haggle but they’re strict.

I believe the Tribal Village is the newest park in the city. When I first went there during Kadayawan 2017, there were different bahay kubo and exhibits showcasing the beauty and history of Davao’s different tribes. I want to show it to you in the vlog, but sadly it’s closed.

Magsaysay Fruit Stand

Just outside the Tribal Village is the Magsaysay Fruit Stand. Eat fresh durian, mangosteen, pomelo, and other fruits!

Aldevinicco Shopping Center & Apo ni Lola Pasalubong Center

These two are the most famous pasalubong center in the city.

In Aldevincco, you can buy ethnicity-inspired items like bags, wallets, blouses, pants, malongs, purses, and pearls. You can also exchange money to different currencies there. In Apo ni Lola, you can buy durian candies, ice cream, shakes, and other snacks perfect for pasalubongs.

More Davao Trips

I love Davao City. It’s where life is. When we moved here, I never wanted to go back to Manila. That’s why I want to show more about my city. So there will be more Davao vlogs and blogs coming up!

Of course, we’ll still be extra cautious. We’ll still practice social distancing, sanitizing, hand washing, and going to wear face masks and shields to protect ourselves and to follow the city ordinances.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the city tour vlog and on the next, we’ll show you different homegrown restaurants, activities to do, and hopefully, island hopping in Samal if it’s open.

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