Cafe Tribu In The North

Cafe Tribu In The North

People from the Northside of Davao City don’t have to visit downtown just to eat out at Cafe Tribu. Cafe Tribu opens a branch in Cabantian! It’s a small, cute, and peaceful shop in Door 10, Lucky Plaza Building, Cabantian Road.

Students living in this area can study, hang out with friends, and bond with family. This place is quite far from my home but at least I got to visit this place and share it to people.

Food Menu

For a quite small shop, Cafe Tribu offers a lot of food and drinks on the menu. They have six all-day breakfast, five sandwiches, three pasta, and three cakes & pastries. For drinks, they offer five types of milk teas, five espresso, two hot drinks, seven freezee blends, four tea coolers. They’ve got everything from breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!


The place designs are modern and perfect for small gatherings. Cafe Tribu highlights a bit of black and white, simple and light design with wooden chairs and tables. It’s perfect to visit during the afternoons because of the natural light available.

What We Tried Out?

Almost everything from the menu! I personally loved the pasta. Well, I’m a pasta lover but it’s just my favorite! Spaghetti and Carbonara are equally good. I loved the Street Food Platter too. Buffalo Wings with Korean BBQ flavor are the best!


Each and every one of us bloggers can the privilege to order one whatever drink we want. I tried the Raspberry Tea Cooler. I loved it because I can taste both the tea and the raspberry.

All drinks have small, medium, and large sizes.

Delivery Through Food Panda

If you’re living in the North but still too tired or lazy to go out and visit Cafe Tribu, you can also order via Food Panda website or their app. You can download the app both on Apple Store or Google Play.

Salute to all food deliveries and errand drivers out there! You are well-appreciated and thank you!

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