Breakfast in Bed with Arla

Breakfast in Bed with Arla

Sometimes we’re too lazy to get out of bed and head to the kitchen for breakfast. We sometimes want to have that simple light breakfast — bread, milk, and that cheese spread we all want.

When what are my go-to breakfast products? Arla‘s organic milk, cheesy light, and cheesy cheddar spread!

My favorite Cheese Spread

Ever since I tried Arla‘s Cheese Light, I never bought any other cheese spread when doing groceries. I loved how it’s not too cheesy and sweet, and it really tasted different compared to others.

Cheesy Light has 30% less fat vs. Arla Cheesy classic recipe. This is for shoppers who want to get the real creamy and milky cheesy spread taste but less fat.

I’ve never tried the Cheesy Cheddar but I’m curious about it. It’s made with 75% cream cheese for a more natural cheese and cheddar taste. This is for shoppers looking for a more natural yet traditional cheese taste.

Arla, The Organic Way

Arla is a cooperative founded and based in Denmark — the country where organic food has the largest market share. It is also the first country in the world to introduce regulations for organic production. In fact, Denmark has a number of stringent conditions for organic production that go beyond the European Union regulations.

Before any Arla product can be sold as organic, the organic farms have to go through a conversion period after starting an organic plan and/or livestock production. This conversion period takes two years. During this period, produce from the farm cannot be sold or labeled as organic.

Whenever I do groceries, I make sure I buy a pack of sliced bread and Arla’s Cheesy Light. Now that I know they have other flavors — Cheesy Cheddar — I’m definitely gonna try it out.

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