Blooming because of Alpha White Derma Grade Renewal Facial Set

Blooming because of Alpha White Derma Grade Renewal Facial Set

If you’ve been reading my blogs and watching my vlogs (Don’t forget to subscribe!), you probably know by now that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). And my acne is a symptom.

The best thing I can do to treat my acne is to have a proper and healthy diet and use topical products that are “hiyang” to my skin. I have already tried a loooot of skincare products and only a few really are good for my skin.

When my best friend, Jessy Jave, started reselling Alpha White products, I was kind of hesitant to try as my skin might start to break out again, adjusting to a new product. But the results are surprising!

Alpha White

To be honest, I want to support my best friend in her small start-up business. But I was kind of hesitant to try a new skincare product. I’m afraid that my skin starts to break out again because I tried a new one, and I might not be that hiyang. I haven’t really heard about Alpha White too.

But I took the risk and want to explore if this product would work for me. Before buying it, I research a bit about what Alpha White is.

Alpha White is created by Brett Campbell in Iloilo City. It’s been consistent in the market for several years now especially in the Visayas area. Now they are expanding in Mindanao and in Luzon.

My Honest Feedback

Their best-selling derma set is the Derma Grade Renewal Facial Set. The P550 set consists of the Orange Whitening Bar Soap, Renewal Toner, Day Cream with SPF 40PA++, and Renewal Night Cream. This set is the first derma step that gives that botox-life effect.

When I searched for testimonials and reviews from other buyers, they already have seen its effects in 2 weeks, consistently used. I tried to use it consistently for two weeks, and I’ve already seen improvements on my face like the plumping feeling and the lightening of my old pimple marks.

The orange bar soap has a whitening + anti-pimple formula. That’s why I can already see the improvements in my pimples marks; it started to lighten up.

Renewal Toner

The Renewal Tones is a bit strong for my skin and smell too. I can actually smell its scent from afar when my sister tried to apply it on her face. It stings for me but maybe that’s because of my active pimples. Jessy suggested using the toner only at night.

I have a biased opinion in toners in general. Not only this toner but all toners. Others might be hiyang to toners but since I’ve been using different toners for years, twice a day, I think my skin started to become a bit thin. I noticed that just a light press on my face or cheeks, it starts to become red, and when I’m under the sun for quite some time, my face turns extremely red. So I stopped using toners for a month just to take a break from toners.

I only apply toners to certain area on my face where there’s a pimple.

Day & Night Creams

I love both their day and night cream! I use their day cream consistently because it also serves as my sunblock. Even if I’m staying at home, I still apply it because I face my laptop every day for hours. It’s protection again radiation.

Their day cream feels light on my skin, and it doesn’t have that oily face effect. It’s just right for my skin type (oily face). The night cream I believe also helps lighten pimple marks. It’s a bit heavy feels on my skin but it doesn’t bother me because I think of it as a sleep or night mask.

After two weeks of using Alpha White, I somehow achieved that Botox-like effect they promised. Yes, I have that lubak-lubak type of face because of my numerous derma pricking before, but I see the improvements. It starts to heal. Jessy’s sister also mentioned that she also sees her skin improvement from lubakness.

I still have some pimple marks though because I can’t control my hormones. Every month, there’s a new pimple popping out. But I’m glad that Alpha White lightens those marks after.

Even though I have new pimples every now and then, I’m not insecure because I am still blooming even with a pimple! I’m not flawless. I can’t wait to meet that day when I don’t have pimples or marks anymore. I just have to be consistent in using Alpha White.

Other Alpha White Sets

Alpha White doesn’t only offer a set for anti-pimple. They also have other sets, serums, and products available for skin care and blooming products! Check the photos below.

How To Order

Since it’s not yet available in malls, you can only order your Alpha White products through direct sellers in your area. If you’re in Davao City, you can visit Alpha White Davao and message them for orders. They ship your items directly to your door step.


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