Beauty Express Davao’s Nail Gel Polish

Beauty Express Davao’s Nail Gel Polish

To be honest, I’m not the type of person who paints nails for fun and fashion trends. I prefer clean and cut nails because I’m comfortable with it. I enjoy seeing other girls’ colored nails because it shows art and adds more beauty to the hands. But I don’t really want or need my nails to be painted.

But as an ambassadress of Beauty Express (Discount Code at the end of the blog!), it’s sort of my duty to try their new services whenever they launch one. So when they introduced Nail Gel Polish, I went out and tried it.

I never tried Gel Polish before because it never really occurred to me to try one. But after experiencing Gel Polish in Beauty Express, I liked having my nails painted. And it boosts a little confidence to meet people and shake their hands. Sort of flexing my gel polish. Lol.

How was my experience?

Service-wise. Beauty Express is the best in giving customer service satisfaction to the fullest. From booking experience to appointment reminders, to welcome you to their studio, to having your nails painted, they give a hundred percent customer service satisfaction. No doubt.

They ask what color you want, if you’re comfortable on your seat, and make sure you experience the best.

Nail Gel Polish. I loved the color combination of my nail gel polish. The glitter polish on my ring finger makes the nail colors look dynamic and creative.

They take care of your nails. Having my nails manicured, I didn’t feel even the slightest pain. They make you wear gloves before putting your hands to their blue-light ray machine for easy dry of the paint.

Why wear gloves? One main reason:
Wearing gloves protect your hand from getting too dried up and from enhancing the wrinkles and darkening.

Beauty Express staffs are knowledgable not only on how to make you beautiful but also how to protect your skin, your beauty, your well-being.

Why Nail Gel Polish?

Nail Gel Polish is a lot stronger than regular nail polish. One of the reasons why I don’t want my nails to be painted is that I tend to scratch my nails when I’m bored, stressed or when I’m thinking.

Nail Gel is a lot stronger and long-lasting. I get conscious when I accidentally scratch my nails but surprisingly, no damage happened. (Clearly, I’m ignorant with Nail Gel Polish.)

Just make sure you won’t scratch it out when you want to remove it or when your nails grow out. It will ruin your nails. If you want to remove the gel polish, go back to Beauty Express have it removed by the manicurist because there is a proper way of cleaning and removing it. That way it won’t destroy your nails.

To book your Nail Gel Polish appointment, visit Beauty Express on Facebook and book in. Use my coupon code: BEXNP190801 to get a P100-200 discount!

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