Barista’s Quest — Flavors + Profiles: Coffee Triangulation

Barista’s Quest — Flavors + Profiles: Coffee Triangulation

I witnessed how amazing Baristas are so professional and knowledgable in coffees and how difficult identifying the types of coffees.

I attended the Baristas’ Quest at FROG Kaffee last July 03, 2019. The event venue is their partnered sponsor.

Baristas’ Quest is a campaign of competitions created for baristas and coffee enthusiasts. This is to showcase their skills in coffee that took place not just in Davao City but also in Baguio and Cebu.

What are the competitions?

☕️ Flavors + Profiles: Coffee Triangulation
The opening of this campaign happened in FROG Kaffee last July 3 where 18 participants registered and competed with each other.

The participants are Baristas from different coffee shops around Davao City and coffee enthusiasts.

  • O’Nell S. Ga-ang
  • Fritz Llavore
  • Mark Anthony Lacuesta
  • Life Secuya
  • Glen Martin
  • Wilson John Benolira
  • Kirk Khan
  • Harmon Natalya
  • Joefel Manlep
  • Joenar Ponce
  • John Rey Plaza
  • Dana Jardinez
  • Yhanz Enay
  • Cj Ellorango
  • MG Roycca
  • Jenifer Masinog
  • Louie Pempeña
  • Paquito P. Nahiyo Jr.

☕️ Creating designs using milk at Coffee + Art: Latte Art Throwdown
The second leg will be held at the Halfroom Coffee, Baguio City on July 10. Registration is now open:

☕️ Kettle + Cup: Coffee Brewing Challenge
This is for individuals who can extract rich coffee flavors into a cup. This will be held at Tightrope Coffee in Cebu City on July 25. Cebuanos are open to register!

What Happened at Flavors + Profiles: Coffee Triangulation?

It’s not just a simple coffee tasting competition. It’s a difficult one!

There were 6 different types of coffees with three cups each type of coffee. Among the three cups, they have to identify which coffee is the right one, the right “timpla.”

It sounds easy, but it’s actually difficult. The three cups are from the same coffee, but one is brewed finely and differently, one has a bit more of water. It’s difficult to identify because they taste the same.

It was a close competition! Each competitor have the same scores! The only difference is the time they finished identifying the right coffee.

All those cheering from seeing the close scores of each competitors are really fun to hear!


Michael Harris Lim, President and CEO of Henry & Sons Trading and Manufacturing Company, briefly explained to us the mechanics of the competition.

💯 Accuracy & ⏱ Time

Those are the two main indicators of winners. If the participant finished early with the most scores, he’ll win.

The competition itself is already difficult, so those two are just the main indicators of winners. Even the CEO, when they tested the game a day before the competition, he himself had a hard time choosing the right coffee.

“Even us (staff), the coffee came from our factory, but I had a hard time yesterday playing the game.”

Michael Harris.

Michael Harris is also the 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion and the 2019 World Barista Championship Semi-Finalist. He leads the whole-month campaign of the Barista’s Quest.

Tip to Taste the Coffee Better

I observed that the Baristas are slurping the coffee instead of simply drinking it. One smelled the coffees first before tasting them. Michael explained that slurping directly goes or activates our taste senses and not really using our smelling sense.

Smelling the coffee can actually exhaust our smell sense so you won’t really know the difference of the smell of the coffee.

Baristas’ Quest Davao Top 6

  • Wilson John Benolira — Sniff Coffee
  • Mark Anthony Lacuesta — Pane e Dolci
  • John Rey Plaza — Fourth Street Cafe
  • Cj Ellorango — Frog Kaffee
  • Jenifer Masinog — Mugshots Wine & Cafe
  • Joefel Manlep — Purge

Information by Pal Raine of Anything Davao.

What the champions will get?

Champions of this competition will get

🏆 The chance to represent his or her region by getting a competitor sponsorship package for the National Coffee Championships,

🏆 A travel allowance and accommodation to the Philippine National Barista Conference happening this September 20 at the SMX Convention Center Aura, and a Comandante Grinder!

I wish I would be able to witness the event in Bagiuo & Cebu! I’m thankful I got invited to this event.


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