Ash Grey Hair by Pink & Gold

Ash Grey Hair by Pink & Gold

I don’t know if it’s weird for you, but I wanted to have Ash Grey hair color for years. Only Pink & Gold achieved that hair color for me!

Pinterest has the most awesome hair color inspiration. I saved sample photos through that app for ash grey hairstyles to show my hairstylist how I wanted it to be done. Once Jumor sees the photo, he immediately knows the process and things needed to achieve that hair color goal.

The 5-Hour Process

They bleached my hair for the first time, so it took 2 hours to finally turn my dark, resistant hair into light. The usual timeframe for bleaching only takes an hour, but mine took 2 hours.

I hate sitting for hours to get my hair done, to be honest. But I didn’t get bored because Pink & Gold staffs gave me their WiFi access so I could stream online. They offered snacks and ice tea. It’s like it was a normal Netflix & chill at my apartment.

Ash Grey

When the hair’s done, their manager would always take photos of you with their ring light. Para bang artista!

Supportive Friends

I have the best and supportive friends ever. Their hair is also the product of Pink & Gold services! We’re P&G babies.

Kuya Jumor, bakit ka nakapikit? Lol.

Pinterest Hair Style

Check out my Facebook post about my new hair on my page!

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