Adulting 101: I Bought My Own Lot | Why Invest In Lots?

Adulting 101: I Bought My Own Lot | Why Invest In Lots?

We encounter lots of changes during our twenties. Usually, it’s the make or break season of our lives. We graduate, get a job, help our families. We travel, buy things we want, etc.

Decisions. Decisions. Lots to think about.

I am already 23 years old, and I want to make use of my young age and secure my future. I decided to invest in things I know that will benefit me in the future. Invest in something I know that will grow.

Even when I was still earning a minimum wage, I set aside a few pesos to invest in small lots. I started buying a memorial lot for 1,500 Pesos/month at that time, then as my salary increased, I also increased my budget for lot investments.

Why Lot Investments?

There are several investments to think of — stocks, insurances, mutual fundings, etc. But lot investments, for me, is the simplest form of investment. I mean, the agent can offer a good lot and all I have to do is pay the monthly payment and the lot will be mine.

Some of the reasons why I invested in lots are below. These are the perks and pros of having lots: (Note: these are personal reasons why I invested in lots)

A Lot Is Always There.

Hindi siya mawawala. Everywhere you go, there’s a lot. You can either rent it, own it or ignore it. Lots do not suddenly disappear like investing in stocks.

It doesn’t depreciate.

Depreciation in lots rarely happens. Most of the time, lot values appreciate. If I start investing or owning a lot at 23, 10 years from now when I turn 33, the value of the 100sqm lot I bought would appreciate in a certain percentage.

Collateral for Loans

When I own a lot, I get a titulo or title that a ceratin sqm is mine, under my name. This titulo is a great proof in embassies that I’ll return to the Philippines.

When I need to loan, I can make my lot a collateral. There’s a higher chance of having my loan approved because I own a lot.

There is something we can always use for lots.

  • Don’t want your lot? Sell it. It’s sellable!
  • Want to make a profit out of it? Build a commercial building
  • Or make an apartment for rent. You get profit every month!
  • Want to get comfort? Build a house. Build a home.
  • Want to produce something? Make it a mini-farm.
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It is not too late to invest in lots! The world is too big not to own one.

In Davao City, there are several raw lot agents and companies. Haven United Development Corporation is one of the companies selling lots in Mindanao. Make an inquiry and message them!

Excited to build my home

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