Hey there! Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog!

I’m Noe Petel, born and raised in Manila, Philippines but moved to Davao City. I’m naturally “conyo” (mixed Tagalog & Bisaya language). So don’t be shocked if I write conyo-ly on my blogs.

I made this blog because I wanted to put all of my travel memories in one place. I want to write about them and see all the good pictures on one website along with my thoughts, narratives, and experiences!


Beach-bum, not B*tch-bum! Yup, I love beaches. Who wouldn’t love them if you’re living in the Philippines with 7,107 islands to explore! I love the heat of the sun so much that I get skin allergies if the room temperature’s too cold.

Aside from going to beaches, I love going to different places I’ve never been to and just explore what they have to offer. It may be a new tourist spot in the city, a road trip to another city or hop on a plane and just travel somewhere else! Even if I just get to stay at that place for the weekend.

Celebrating Life.

There’s a lot of things to celebrate in life, more than what you think of. A simple realization or a life-lesson can be a celebration because you grew as a person. It depends on how to see life events.

I choose to celebrate life – celebrate small simple things. One day, I’m going to want to look back, or perhaps, read back, of my simple celebration. And I’ll read them here in my blog.

Shall I See You Soon?

I am so excited to write more about my travel experiences — the trip itineraries, people I meet, new experiences, thoughts about life, and just all the good stuff happening in life that’s worth celebrating!

Enjoy my blog!