3 Must-Try Food in Phuket

3 Must-Try Food in Phuket

Thailand, so far, has the best Asian food I’ve ever tried. Overflowing with colorful ingredients and huge amount of servings — you’ll fall in love with Thai food.

During my trip to Phuket, I mostly stayed indoors because of the unpredictable weather. I went there in August; the start of their rainy seasons. One day it’s sunny and perfect for a city tour or beach, then the next day it’s heavy raining.

On rainy days, I spent my time enjoying Thai food in the apartment restaurant, mini marts or night markets.

Top 3 Thai Food | Personal Favorites

Pad Thai

When in Thailand, you should always try their Pad Thai – traditional noodles. Thick and chewy-ish noodles with sprouts, vegetables, a few spices, and lemon. You can decide if you want your Pad Thai with chicken, pork or shrimp.

They serve a huge amount of noodles, so you don’t need to order any order dishes when trying out Pad Thai.

Based on my experience, I tried intaking both Pad Thai and authentic Thai milk tea. It was heaven for a moment there but right after eating, I went straight to the toilet and had a stomachache for a few days. You don’t want to experience that.

So tip: don’t order Pad Thai & Thai milk tea at the same time.

Tom Yum

Tom Yum is their traditional soup with either pork, chicken or seafood. It’s not an ordinary soup I’ve tried. Their soup is thick and tasty. I can’t explain the feeling. It’s like spicy on my throat but not really too spicy.

It’s best to partner Tom Yum with plain rice! Very Asian thing to do.

Note: Thai people aren’t really good English speakers, so if you want your food to NOT be spicy, always tell the waiter/tress, “Mai Pet” meaning “Not Spicy.”

Chicken Cashew Nut

This is my favorite among all other viands! Chicken with Cashew Nut. Sweet and tasty chicken, paired with fried rice. During my trip, I think I order 4-5 times of this dish.

I fell in love with chicken cashew nut when I was in Big Bear Kitchen, a local and remote restaurant in Koh Keaw.


Sometimes, their desserts are healthy in Phuket — FRUITS. My favorite street dessert is their fried crepe (or similar to a crepe).

Nutella, banana, mangoes — HEAVEN! You can find this anywhere in Phuket, especially in Patong area. It’s just a mini stall along the road.

Banna with Nutella Crepe
Fresh Buko Juice

Fried Rice

I never thought I’d blog about this. Thai fried rice is interesting! Sometimes you don’t have to order viands because you’ll get full with their fried rice. It comes along with chicken, pork, vegetables or seafood, depends on your choice. It’s served in huge amount, so for those like me who eat very little, you’ll immediately get full.

Pineapple Fried Rice

One of the most interesting fried rice I’ve seen is their Pineapple fried rice served in a real cut Pineapple! The taste is sweet and not really sour along with few cut vegetables.

If you’ll notice you see a lemon and cucumber there, Thai always serve them so that it clears out the base taste. So when you want to try another food or another viand, you get to taste its “full potential taste.”

Vegetable Fried Rice

What My Phuket Food Trip Vlog

I’ve compiled videos of my food experience in Phuket, Thailand. If you want to see all of the food we’ve ordered, head over to my YouTube channel, subscribe, and enjoy my food trip vlog!

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