Phuket Weekend Market | Naka Market

Phuket Weekend Market | Naka Market

Night markets are fun for me! I get to try lots of local street foods, authentic milk teas, drinks, and a few food pasalubongs! Aside from food, I get to buy souvenirs from shops beside the food market.

I experience the most local thing to do when going to night markets. Now, Phuket has several night markets. The three night markets I’ve been to before are:

  • Naka Market also called Phuket Weekend Market
  • Chilva Market
  • Phuket Old Town Night Market

Chilva and Phuket Old Town are the few small night markets. Entertainments, food, souvenirs — everything is there. But Naka is the most interesting and the biggest night market in Phuket. This only opens every weekend.

Check out my Vlog

In my What To Eat in Phuket + What’s in My Bag vlog, I mentioned there my Naka Market experience and a short Phuket Old Town visit. Watch my vlog here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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