Swimming at One of Phuket’s Public Beaches

Swimming at One of Phuket’s Public Beaches

When I hear public beach, the first thing that comes to my mind is a crowded, dirty, open beach. A public beach that you’re not allowed to swim because it’s very dirt. I think of Manila Bay back in the years.

So when my teammates told me we’re going to swim at Karon Beach, a public beach in Phuket, Thailand, I’m not quite sure how to react. If I should be confused or be excited about it because we’re going to the beach.

I kept my mind open. I started asking my hotel owner for reviews about Karon Beach and researched what the beach looks like. Based on photos, the beach is clean and we’re allowed to swim in. The hotel owner liked the beach, even our grab car driver suggested to hang out on that beach.

To my surprise, a public beach in Phuket is far different from Philippine’s public beach — much cleaner, much more accessible, many more tourist to mingle!

Welcome to Karon Beach

Karon Beach is similar with Boracay in the PH — White sand, a lot of water activities, awesome waves, clear blue water, there’s not a lot of corals, super clean, and a lot of tourists from all over the world. Since this is a public beach, there’s no entrance fee.

It’s also safe. You can place your bags anywhere, and you don’t have to worry if someone’s going to steal them. I loved the place!

We stayed the whole Sunday lunchtime ’till afternoon. I’m not wondering why I got darker and sunburn all over my shoulders. Phuket is scorching hot! Though I burned my skin, I enjoyed my first public beach experience in a different country.

What To Bring

👒 Grab your shades, beach hat, and umbrella if you want a shade! Karon Beach is so open you’ll be having a hard time finding your perfect shade spot.

☀️ Sunscreen! Very important. You don’t want to be friends with sunburn after enjoying the beach. It’s painful.

💧Don’t forget your huge bottle of water if you want to stay the whole day! It’s so hot I got dehydrated and caught a fever the next day. You don’t want to feel weak the day after.

📸 Of course, your camera & bikinis. Capture those beautiful beach memories and share them.

It was my first public beach experience, so I really enjoyed that experience. It changed my perspective of public beaches. Not all are dirty, not all are crowded. It really depends on how a country, how its people take care of their resources and how they improve and utilise them.


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