Healthy-ish Milk Tea in Davao City! — Gottsaa & GotChow

Healthy-ish Milk Tea in Davao City! — Gottsaa & GotChow

I recently read a tweet from The Nerdy Derma that she had seen a teenager with an HbA1c of 8+. The cutoff for diabetes is 6.5 which means the teenager is already diabetic.

The Milktea craze is visible in the Philippines! A lot of local milk tea shops are already mushrooming a city along with international milk tea companies. Too much intake of milk tea is seriously dangerous because you can be diabetic.

Health enthusiasts suggest that intaking milk teas should be moderate, meaning once a month, control the sugar level, and monitor your body sugar level.

And a similar with alcohol slogan, DRINK MODERATELY.

Is there a health-friendly milk tea?

Maybe? If there are milk tea companies who brew or create milk teas that are at least a bit of healthy. Good thing there is now a Gottsaa franchise in Davao City.

Gottsaa is located at Door 104 Alyvea Bldg., Sta. Ave corner Guerrero St., Davao City. The building beside the Holy Cross of Davao. This is the first branch in VisMin (Visayas-Mindanao) with the mother branch at Laguna. They are planning to build up 10 more branches in Visayas and Mindanao.

How is Gottsaa different from any other milk tea shops in the city? First of all, they do the traditional milk tea process which is they brew the tea instead of using powdered milk tea flavors. They aim that customers will taste the tea itself.

Second, 80% of Gottsaa’s ingredients are from Taiwan, and they use vegetable cream. No sugar, only fructose, and non-dairy! Knowing that Gottsaa brews the tea, uses vegetable cream, only fructose, and non-dairy, it encourages customers who are health enthusiasts come visit and try their drinks!

Now it’s up to the customer if they’ll want something that is quite a health sinful like adding rock salt & cheese or increase the MT’s sugar level. As long as the customer knows what she wants and what’s best for her health, they have the liberty to order add-ons.


Gottsaa offers classic milk tea series, rocksalt and cream cheese, lemonade series, house specialties, slush coolers, creme collections, and snacks.


Originally, AJ Modequillo & Jason Digal, franchisees of Gottsaa and owners of GotChow wanted to put up a milk tea store. But then, they wanted a restaurant beside Gottsaa where people can order food if they’re craving something to chew on.

Since GotChow & Gottsaa are located beside a school, a restaurant and milk tea shop is the best business to put up on where students can take their lunch or study at a milk tea shop.

AJ Modequillo & Jason Digal

The main concept of GotChow is to serve dishes that are good for 3-4 persons, good for sharing. During the soft opening, they served their 5 “seriously big” specialties.

  • Baby Back Ribs (195 solo; 375 #SeriouslyBIG)
  • Grilled Pork Belly (190 solo; 280 #SeriouslyBIG)
  • Pork Tonkatsu (190 solo; 280 #SeriouslyBIG)
  • Salt & Pepper Ribs (190 solo; 280 #SeriouslyBIG)
  • Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs (190 solo; 420 #SeriouslyBIG)

GotChow doesn’t only serve food good for 3-4 people. They also offer meals that are student-friendly from servings to the prices since they’re located beside a school. Check their ValueChow menu.

  • Pork Tocino
  • Beef Tapa
  • Fried Chicken Rice
  • Chicken Liver with Egg
  • Pork Chicharon Fillet
  • Pork Chop

Aside from that, they also have DuoChow on their menu, paired with Italian soda. I tried their lime soda flavor.

Restaurant Concept

The design concept of both GotChow & Gottsaa is inspired by the Chinese Yin & Yang (black & white) where Gottsaa’s interior designs are white and light while GotChow’s designs are dark and monochromatic colors with a touch of basic colors.

GotChow can also be a speakeasy bar at night for young professionals can chill. They also have BarChow on their menu.

Grand Opening

GotChow & Gottsaa are now open (October 12, 2019), located at Door 104, Alyvea Bldg. Sta. Ana Ave., corner Guerrero St.

They are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Since they’re newly open restaurant and milk tea shop, they would be discounts and promos for sure. Visit them!

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