Happy Chai Davao Torres Branch Opening

Happy Chai Davao Torres Branch Opening

Milk tea shops are mushrooming in Davao City! Several milk tea shops are opening in a few months. Some are local enterprises, and some are franchised from famous nationwide milk tea shops.

If you know me, I love milk teas! I drink once a day a few months ago, but now I try to lessen it and just drink once a week or once a month. Well, Happy Chai Torres Branch broke that diet.

Happy Chai Torres opens this September 23, 2019, in Unit 8, Building B, Plaza De Bole, F. Torres Street, Davao City. Three branches have already opened, and there’s gonna be one more!

  • Ecoland Branch
  • Buhangin Branch
  • Quirino Branch
  • Torres Branch
  • Roxas Branch (Soon To Open)

Happy Chai Drinks

Happy Chai is a Manila-based milk tea shop that’s open for franchise. They have different types of drinks and also snacks:

  • Milk Tea
  • Salt & Cheese
  • Fruit Tea
  • Fruit Overload
  • Frappe
  • Waffles
  • Pasta
  • Grilled Sandwich
  • Nachos

What To Love About Happy Chai Torres Branch?

  • Open 24 hours
  • Fast WiFi
  • Affordable Food & Drinks! (Ranges from 55-135 PHP)

Best Sellers Offered At Vlogger’s Food Tasting Night

A day before the opening, Happy Chai invited selected local b/vloggers for a food tasting night at the shop. They offered their best sellers in both food & drinks.

Brown Sugar Salt & Cheese

When asked, the staff’s most awesome and best seller milk tea is brown sugar salt & cheese. Brown Sugar is becoming popular because of its sweet and sometimes creamy (depending on the timpla). I think most milk teas shops, brown sugar is one of the best sellers.

Mango Float Overload

Fruit Overload in Happy Chai’s menu only has two drinks on that category: (1) Mango Float and (2) Avocado Float. Their fruit overload is more of a shake so to speak, but I love the mango bits.

Mocha Frappe & Coffee

Icy and cold, if you want whip cream on your drink, choose a frappe. Want something hot? Order a coffee, chocolate or Jasmine tea.

Fruit Tea

Now want something a bit sour and fruity? Raspberry is the best option. One thing I love about fruit teas is that there’s no ice at all. Just bare drink.


Their main light snacks are their waffles. At the food tasting night, they offered us three flavors of waffles. I guess those three are their best.

  • Belgian Chocolate (with Nutella inside I think)
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
    I personally love this flavor. It’s sweet and flavorful among the two I’ve tried.

Grilled Sandwich

There are only two choices for grilled sandwich: (1) Tuna Melt & (2) Ham & Cheese. Their tuna melt is really cheesy and good!

Chicken Pesto

If you’ll let me choose and order pasta, I’d always order a chicken pesto! Most people I know don’t like it because of the green color and the oil taste, but I love it. It’s different from the other usual kinds of pasta.

Beef & Cheesy Nachos

Of course, for all shops with snacks, Nachos should always be on the menu!

Add Ons

On your drink, you can choose what sinkers you want:

  • Pearl
  • Nata De Coco
  • Tuti Fruitti Jelly
  • Coffee Jelly
  • Egg Pudding
  • Caramel Pudding

More On The Menu!

Full Menu

Official Opening!

Happy Chai opens on September 23 at Plaza De Bole, Torres Street. Catch Dennis Trillo, the brand ambassador at Happy Chai on the opening day! The program starts at 5:00 PM.

Watch out for my vlog! Subscribe on YouTube to see first!

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