Favorite Ukay-Ukay Spots in Davao City

Favorite Ukay-Ukay Spots in Davao City

Ukay-Ukay is life for me and my best friend, Aibe! It’s one of our bonding activities and stress-relievers. We love the feeling of buying lots of clothes for SUPER affordable prices. We don’t care if it’s branded or not as long as it’s still usable and fashionable!

I remember my first ukay-ukay post went viral because of the newest ukay-ukay store in Davao City! Check my Ukay-Ukay Post. Thrift shopping is viral in Davao City!

Whenever we ukay, we only budget 100-300 PHP. We bring home lots of shopping bags with this budget only. Prices are usually a minimum of 5 pesos to 100 pesos.

If you have a good eye of thrift fashion, you can style up clothes worth 5 pesos!

Where To Ukay?

There are several Ukay-Ukay shops all over the city, but there are three spots I keep on visiting whenever I ukay.

Pinay Big Sister

Pinay Big Sister is a huuuuuuge warehouse located in 224 San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur. You can find bucket hats, bed sheets, tops, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, and even shoes.

They have a CCTV so be sure to be honest when paying up at the counter. Their prices range from 5 pesos to 100 pesos, depending on if it’s the newest stock or not. You don’t have to worry if it’s raining because it’s literally a warehouse, so it’s covered.

How to get there? Just ride any jeepney in Davao City that’s gonna pass by San Pedro. You can easily spot on Pinay Big Sister because of the huge sign, open space, and it’s only along the road.

Ukay-Ukay ni Xy

This is the ukay-ukay store that went viral. It just opened this May 2019 (I think) and it’s bigger than Pinay Big Sister. I believe my previous post went viral because a lot of people can relate when it comes to ukay-ukay plus there was a new spot in Davao City! A lot of people were messaging us where Ukay-Ukay ni Xy is located.

One of our struggles when we ukay at night is that there aren’t enough lights to see the actual clothing. But in Ukay-Ukay ni Xy, neon lights are everywhere! It’s the most attractive store in Bangkerohan Public Market because of the neon lights + the party-ish music coming from the boombox.

Bags, pants, tops, bed sheets, curtains, leggings, shorts, almost every clothing you can find them here. Their price range is a bit pricy compared to Pinay Big Sister. I remember the minimum price is 35 or 25 pesos. But this place is where I purchase the most clothing compared to other thrift stores because there’s a lot to choose from here.

Ukay-Ukay ni Xy is located at Bangkerohan Public Market, building behind the fruit stands.

I also love the location of this store because it’s surrounded by other mini thrift stores too! Outside Ukay-Ukay ni Xy, you can walk a few blocks and you’ll get to Bangkerohan’s Ukay-Ukayan below the bridge. A few walks from it, there’s also another area where many more ukay-ukay can be found!

What To Prepare Before Ukaying?

Own Shopping Bag!

Ukay-ukay stores use lots of plastic bags because it’s the cheapest bag for customers to carry. Avoid getting plastic bags and bring your own shopping bag.


Ukay-ukay in the Philippines is different from thrift shops in the States and in Canada. I’ve been watching thrift shopping vlogs from the US & Canada. Their stores are similar to mall stores, but here in the Philippines, ukay-ukay stores are in warehouses and along the streets. So it’s dusty when doing ukay.


Don’t bring 1,000 PHP when thrift shopping! They usually don’t have a change for that. Bring 100 peso bills and below! Coins even better.

Why I Love Ukay-Ukay

Yes, the clothes are already been used and all are secondhand but I love buying them because you can style them up and “wala kang kapareha.”

  • It’s Cheap!
  • It still can be used. You’re recycling.
  • Fashionable and stylable.

I also buy branded clothes because of quality reasons, but I’m just super happy and I feel relieved when I ukay.

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