Prayer to my B/Vlogging Hobby

Dear God, thank you.

Thank you for stirring up my writing hobby. Thank you because I want to document all my amazing adulting memories from work to vlogging and blogging hobbies. You created the desire in me to celebrate small events in life and share them to people whom I hope will be inspired.

Step by step, you’re with me. From deciding what to write and document about to posting them. Thank you for that.

I hope that soon enough this hobby will turn into something that would help other people whether it’s giving awareness to a certain business or inspiring others.

I pray that despite the busy schedule, I’ll still be able to give time to you — to celebrate with you and to thank you.

This October 08, 2019, I was so busy because of attending three events. Let this be a milestone memory for me to work more and book more clients for b/vlogging.

I give all the glory and honor to you.


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